Jenne is a national Value Added Distributor of IP telephony, data networking, video and visual communication and security technology products. Let us help you improve your customer’s efficiency, collaboration, customer service and competitiveness.

Jenne is an expert in Avaya solutions and provides support for enterprises of all sizes:
Service Contracts
Jenne’s Service Contract Renewal portal helps VARs manage product and service contracts. It streamlines and manages what can be a difficult process. When a service contract is up for renewal within any Avaya solution purchased from Jenne, resellers are notified well in advance so they can capture what otherwise would be a lost revenue opportunity. VARs receive 90, 60, 30 day reminders of their service contact expirations, proactive revenue stream, 24/7 convenience and availability, real time tracking, relationship visibility and overall improved communications with their end users. Service Contract Link
Jenne Solutions Designer (JSD)
Jenne Solutions Designer is a multi-vendor online configuration tool that enables VARs to quickly design a solution into a real-world configuration. It seamlessly identifies complementary solutions, including pricing and availability, all in an environment that can be shared privately among your colleagues, customers and experts at Jenne. JSD provides VARs with a shorter configuration time, the ability to design the total end-to-end solution and customized quotes, proposals and cover letters to take to end-user sale meetings. JSD Link
Maintenance Center
Jenne’s Maintenance Center allows Avaya business partners to effectively manage the maintenance offerings for their customers. Jenne does more than provide you with a quote -- we also can recommend maintenance offers, describe what to expect when quoting and ordering, assist you with preparing quotes and contracts, and arm you with the necessary resources you need up front to be successful. Jenne will help you provide the ideal maintenance solution for your customer and increase your services revenue. Maintenance Center link
Design Center
The Design Center enables partners to seamlessly upload, view and maintain multi-network configurations for both simple and complex designs. It helps VARs build complete Avaya VoIP solutions based on customized product and pricing criteria. It provides a streamlined design creation process that cuts down the selling cycle, ensures accuracy and conformity of the design requirements, real time notifications when phases are completed and 24/7 upgrade availability. Design Center Link
Jenne University
Jenne University is the place where training and support converge. While other distributors outsource their training instructors and facilities, Jenne maintains its own brick and mortar training center where our VARs can gain technical and sales expertise. Our state-of-the-art training facility incorporates a fully equipped classroom with the most up-to-date equipment and education. Jenne U Link
Content Syndication
Looking for a free and easy way to host Avaya documents directly on your website? Avaya Content Syndication is a web-based solution that will allow your business to leverage Avaya’s online documents without any expense or expertise. This web-based platform will automatically update your website with the current version. Click here to learn more or to sign up. Content Syndication
Jenne Marketing Pro
Want to grow your business by increasing sales of Avaya products and solutions? Jenne Marketing Pro (JMP). JMP is a turnkey online marketing portal designed exclusively for Jenne resellers. It contains Avaya-branded email, direct mail, pURL Campaigns and more focused on Avaya’s top selling products. It’s simple to get started customizing and executing professional marketing campaigns for your business. Simply log-in to and click on the “Jenne Marketing Pro” option in your “My Portal” tab to get started today! Content Syndication