Custom Branded Delivery Documents

Expand your capabilities and improve your service levels by leveraging our Logistics services and enroll in Jenne’s Blind Shipping Program.

Cut days and cost out of your deliveries by utilizing Jenne logistics to drop ship your customer’s orders directly to them. Jenne will include shipping documents with your branding and your customer’s purchase order number to ensure ease of receipt. You can count on the Jenne logistics team to get your order there on time…99.98% order accuracy and 99.8% on time delivery ratings!

Custom Branded Delivery Documents

Enhance your identity with custom branded drop-shipping service:
  • Blind shipments made directly to your customers will display your company's logo and contact information on the carton content label and the pick list.
  • Blind shipments will appear to have been made directly from your company.
Pick List
Carton Content Label Shipping Label

**Something to consider: You may opt to have your Company name listed but the address of Jenne’s distribution center listed on the shipping label. When your end-user customer shipment is refused or is undeliverable the shipment is returned directly to Jenne’s distribution center for direct credit processing.

Is there a fee for this Service?
  • There are NO FEES for set up or to participate in the Customer Branded Packing list Program.

How to submit your company logo
  • By Email to
  • Acceptable files (EPS, TIFF, BMP, GIF, or JPG) at 300 dpi or higher. (Please do not submit a low-resolution logo from your website because it will not print clearly when enlarged.)

Custom Packing Slip Program


Technical Specifications

By enrolling in the Jenne, Inc. Personalized Packing Slip Program and providing Jenne with your company logo, you expressly grant Jenne, Inc. a limited license to use your logo on packing slips traveling to your customer's destination, and agree to hold Jenne, Inc. harmless from any and all liability arising from its usage.


How to place a BLIND SHIP Order
  • Once your information is set up in our system, you can use the custom branding on any drop-ship order. Simply let your Jenne Sales Representative know which orders you would like drop shipped directly to your customers using the custom branding by requesting Blind Shipping. When ordering over the Web, select enter a Blind Drop-Ship Address option at shipping options of the Online Order form. Your custom branding files are automatically used for all Blind Shipping fulfillment orders.

If You Have Questions
  • Send your questions or comments regarding custom branded delivery documents to or call toll free 1-800-422-6191 and inquire with your sales representative.