Webinars at Jenne

Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Safeguard your Portfolio with Razberi and Panasonic Security Solutions
Razberi and Panasonic offer the complete highly reliable, cybersecure, and network-optimized surveillance and IoT security solution for your customers.

Topics covered:
• Why integrators should partner with Razberi and Panasonic
• Premise security and cybersecurity challenges
• The complete surveillance and IoT security solution
• Razberi award-winning innovation and solutions
• The Razberi and Panasonic fit

Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Digium UC Cloud Solutions: ALL Features Included—No Hidden Costs
Digium provides your customers with a full range of scalable and comprehensive UC Cloud solutions at an affordable and attractive price.

Topics included:
-  What makes Digium unique?
-  Why do agents choose Switchvox Cloud?
-  What are the benefits of being a Digium Cloud Agent?
-  What are the advantages of partnering with Jenne as a master agent?

Thursday, September 20, 2018
Avaya Cloud IP Office 101
Join us as we review what you need to know about Avaya’s Cloud Agent Model, Avaya Cloud IP office, including the latest enhancements and promotions available to you to maximize your cloud business.

The Sales Agent program for Avaya Cloud IP Office is a Unified Communications service providing telephony, conferencing and collaboration based on Avaya's award-winning IP Office platform.

October 3, 2018
Comm-Core - Supercharged Video Surveillance in the Cloud
Comm-Core is a cyber security and network operation company providing enhanced and secure hosted video surveillance solutions.

Topics covered:
• Introducing Comm-Core
• Why Comm-Core?
-  Discovering how VoIP has paved the way for Surveillance
• Surveillance Facts & Market Readiness
-  Get the inside scoop on how the market is ripe for Surveillance
• Feature Highlights
-  Go beyond standard security with Analytics, Interactivity, Monitoring & more!
• Live Demo
-  See Comm-Core's user dashboard & cameras in action
• Next Steps